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Service Hawk - Monitor and Automatically Restart Windows Services.


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Service Hawk Update Protection

Update Protection simply helps you maximize your investment in our software products by ensuring that you get all future releases (major and minor) at no additional cost for the duration of your Update Protection period.

Here's How It Works

Our customers deserve to have the best we have to offer, so we make it a priority to update our products and release new versions on a regular basis. When you purchase Update Protection, you gain instant access to all major and minor upgrades at no additional cost for the duration of the Update Protection coverage period. We'll even notify you when an update is available so you can always keep up with the latest we have to offer.

Should your Update Protection expire, you will still be able to continue using your existing version of Service Hawk, but you will be unable to install any major or minor upgrades until you renew your Update Protection coverage. Since we regularly update our products and release new versions, it is vital that your Update Protection coverage remain current in order to have access to these updates free of charge.

Renew Or Extend Your Coverage Today

We've made it easy for you to extend or renew your Update Protection coverage by one or two years at a time.

NOTE: You must be licensed to use the current version of Service Hawk to purchase Update Protection.

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Release Notes

Version 3.1 released!

This version of Service Hawk now runs as a Windows Service itself.


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